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    • Diagnose and repair boats brought to the dealership for service
    • Conduct quality checks on work performed
    • Perform scheduled maintenance

    • Report directly to Service Manager
    • Maintain a close working relationship with Parts personnel and Service Writer

    • Perform all service right the first time
    • Complete repairs within the specified times
    • Advise Service Writer of diagnosis, needed repairs, and cost estimate
    • Maintain a friendly and helpful disposition with customers
    • Advise Service Writer when additional work is needed on a customer’s boat
    • Complete all finished Repair Orders and return them to the Service Department
    • Accurately and neatly indicate work completed and time spent on the Repair Order
    • Perform other duties as assigned by management
    Professional Development:

    • Keep up to date on latest technical service bulletins, etc.
    • Attend factory training
    • Attend additional technical training as necessary
    • Maintain technician certification; Mercury University enrollment is provided

    • Keep all equipment in good working order
    • Advise Service Manager regarding new equipment or equipment in need of repair
    • Maintain tools

    • Prior experience is preferred, but not required

    Apply Here: Recruitment

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