Marine Management Software Systems for Boat Builders

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    Building Boats is about quality, efficiency and cost controls. When you have multiple boats, employees and operations underway, job costing becomes more and more difficult. Whether you’re building your latest creation or servicing one of your prior builds, DockMaster® can help.

    With DockMaster you can track every aspect of your business. Bar-coded inventory, parts and job cards allow you to easily attach parts and labor to work-orders. Using job-cards and tech cards allows you to track labor efficiencies by employee, job and job type. Sublet functionality allows you to easily maintain and track third party contractors. DockMaster reporting will allow you to expose bottlenecks in your job processes saving time and money. Manage every aspect of a job from mold to launch in one system integrated to accounting and reporting.

    Our staff utilizes over 200 combined years in the marine industry to create a product that runs on best-business management practices. DockMaster makes it easy for you to operate your business and do what you do best: Boats. Find out how DockMaster has been helping Boat Builders grow their businesses and increase profitability for over 23 years. Call (561) 969-2882 or email today a free demo.
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