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    The Coast Guard is pleased to announce the opening of the first installment of Civilian Vacancy Announcements for the five new National Centers of Expertise (NCOE). These positions will be GS-12 and GS-13 in the NCOE’s. Each center will have four to a maximum of nine inspectors/ investigators. The center employees are resources marine inspectors or investigators fully engaged in their primary inspections/ investigations assignments, who will also train student inspectors, advise policy-makers, regulation developers or operational program managers on trends, best practices, leading indicators, problematic issues or other functional area concerns.

    The five centers hiring are:
    Towing Vessel Center, Paducah, KY
    Liquefied Gas Carrier Center, Port Arthur, TX
    Outer Continental Shelf Center, Morgan City, LA
    Vintage Vessel Center, Duluth, MN
    Investigations Center, New Orleans, LA.

    The primary purpose of these centers is to cultivate CG expertise in the functional areas of inspections and investigations. The employees are expected to have significant experience in the functional areas and connections to or by virtue of memberships in commercial occupational and technical arenas, have achieved advanced experience, and possess either licenses, advanced degrees/ certificates or experience either through long term work in the commercial sector, the CG inspections program or a combination of both.

    If interested in finding out more about these positions, as well as how to apply, please go to, keywords: Marine, US Coast Guard.

    Please contact Daryle Merlock at or 202-475-5353 with questions.
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