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  1. Justyna
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    Justyna New Member

    Hi there,

    We are small company with a unique idea for a fast multi hull craft.

    Our business objective is to sell very fast offshore capable trimaran for leisure use.

    For the past few months we have been researching and working on initial CAD model and drawings of the boat.

    We now require to hire a marine architect to review our drawings and provide advice going forward.
    We are looking for somebody to finalise the CAD model ready for 5 axis CNC machining of the plug.

    The centre hull is 8m long with two outriggers.
    We need somebody to perform calculations on hull streangth, stability and performance.
    And also to provide any advice where aplicable.
  2. ACuttle
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    If you are serious about something like that you'd be worth talking to an experienced consultancy.

    I'd recommend:

    They have plenty of highend knowledge that you would need. A small Naval Architecture firm are unlikely to have the required experience.

    I am not sure about your business model or experience, though you seem to be missing out some steps before machining a plug. Not to mention the difficulty of selling luxury yatchs during a ressions in an established market.
  3. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    I can't see why should it be so unlikely. It all depends on the individual technical education of the designer and his commitment towards continuous learning and updating.
  4. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Indeed :)
  5. Justyna
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    Justyna New Member

    ACuttle, thank you for recommending BMT Yachts, we are certainly going to contact them.
  6. BMcF
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    BMcF Senior Member

    In fact..its been my experience over the last quarter century of designing and/or building unusual high-speed vessels that most of the expertise and experience on that arena ONLY resides in farily small organizations and even more so with individual designers working solo.;)
  7. ACuttle
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    Ah ha - a wave a rebukes...:eek:

    It is very possible (& true) that a small operator can have the knowledge and experience to handle some specialist tasks but a lot won’t and it depends a bit on what you would consider a small organisation. If I had to put an investment on a run of vessels, I would want to go with someone who has an established history of that kind of work. As you say daiquiri it depends on the skill set of individuals but in a good consultancy you have more individuals to see in a single hit and they should be following trends/developments as keenly as the next man.

    For the most part I was being polite/politic (and this isn't referring to anyone here), that what I meant was "I would trust a consultancy with a skill base and reputation to some shady fly-by-night operators who you attract touting their 'skills' on the internet." I've done a lot of small consultancy jobs where the customer is inundated with offers of help from people based god knows where with knocked-off software promising the world for a fraction of the price.

    Maybe I'm overly concerned about people getting burned but BMT are down the road from the OP and definitely could (and do) handle that kind of work. Off the top of my head I couldn’t think of anyone suitable based in the rough area (not that if you were spending a lot of cash you wouldn’t want to travel for the right developer). I’m sure the OP will appreciate other suggestions - if I had thought of anyone else one-man-band or not I'd have mentioned them but I don't do much with leisure boats.
  8. BMcF
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    BMcF Senior Member

    I have plenty of confidence in Ed Dudson and crew at BMT and won't for one second argue your suggestion in this intance, having worked with them more than once over the last couple decades (as NGA, of course, before the BMT acquisition).

    I still have to point out that in the main what my experience with over 150 vessels has been; I've seen more failures than successes from the 'big boys' when it comes to advanced marine vehicle design. The reasons are myriad so no broad generalization will I offer to cover that. My only point is simply that when it comes to AMV design, don't assume the big outfits will be the best choice and completely forego looking at the small specialist shops or even individual experts. For example..such a 'one man design shop' posted in in this very thread who would be on - or should be on - anyone's "A-list" for attempting a rational SWATH design.;)
  9. Petros
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    Petros Senior Member

    Large firms kill creativity. Their overhead and bureaucracy are huge, and they intentionally are adverse to risk, combined they do not want to have creative individual NA or engineers, they are "troublemakers" as far as they are concerned. They do not want to work on new concepts, too risky.

    You DO NOT want big firms on a new vessel concept, they will kill it and/or bust your budget.

    You must seek out qualified individuals who have demonstrated unconventional thinking and creativity, and if necessary, hire them out of a big firm if they are not in a small consulting firm already.

    Good luck.
  10. VDFred
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    VDFred Naval Architect

    Sound like an interesting challenge for any design office big or small.
    We have done all kinds of boats ranging from 5m to 160m although we are a small firm. This including various types; high speed yacht, catamaran windpark support vessel, 160m 2000 tons crane vessel etc

    Please contact me through my website.

  11. tz3dcom
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    tz3dcom 3D

    Dear Justyna,

    Would you like to have a virtual-tour for your unique trimaran ?

    Have a look the sample here:

    I think it is very useful for today internet market and much cheaper than make a
    scale model.

    We also have ability to refine your model and add more detail in Rhino .

    if you are interested in it pls email me
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