Marine 2d cad blocks

Discussion in 'Software' started by athvas, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Where can i download free marine equipment 2d cad blocks. Like bollard, railings, anchor windlass, towing winch, etc... all ship outfittings and equipments... does anyone know the site?
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    Ahvas, you may find bits and pieces here and there. There is no one central source for 2D cad blocks. Oftentimes, the suppliers of hardware and equipment will themselves offer Cad drawings in AutoCad or DXF format that you can use free of charge. More often, they will supply PDF files, and then you are left with having to convert them to dxf/raster image, or you have to import the PDF file into AutoCad and trace over it.

    I do PDF or JPG importing and tracing a lot, and on various drawings I keep a selection of orthogonal views of bits of hardware and equipment. For example, I needed a 12' hard bottom inflatable dinghy for one of my motoryacht designs. I drew it myself by tracing over a scale drawing I fond on the Internet. I did four orthogonal views--profile, plan, side, front end, and back end. These views included an outboard motor that I gleaned from a separate source. I then married the motor to the boat in all views. These drawings now become part of my archive, and I can cut, paste, and scale them into any other drawing. I have used these on a number of other boat designs.

    Over time, you will build up your own library of hardware and equipment. But you will not be able to access a whole trove of files instantaneously--such a single-source trove does not exist.

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