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    I use margin command in autohydro to define deck edge. but sometimes the line created by autohydro is not correct, for example when deck has a soft edge.
    How can i control the margin line? Is it possible to modify gf file manually for defining margin line point to point? need your help.
  2. Paul Kotzebue

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    You can manually define the deck edge in the GF file. You can also manually define the margin line.

    The deck edge is defined with the line code "0,0,DK" at the end of the deck edge point:


    The deck edge at the above point is defined by the DK line code. The 0,0 are surface codes. You need to add them to get the DK code in the right place.

    The margin line is defined near the end of the GF file with other information pertaining to the component with the margin line:


    The above defines a 3" or o.25 ft margin at component HULL.C.

    Hope this helps.
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