Mardi Gras Race Week Invitations

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    This year MGRW will be our largest event ever, with more sailors, boat, and top flight competitors. Next year looks to be even bigger.

    As part of the regatta we have invited a number of manufacturers of sailboats to bring demonstration models. While some of the big boys have already indicated an interest in coming for 2013 I would like to extend the invitation to smaller builders and designers as a chance to get the word out about your products.

    Scheduled for 2013:

    Bennette designs - VX One Design
    Rondar - Viper 640 and a K6
    J-boats - J-70

    This is a chance to get your boat in front of some of the top notch sailors in the world, with multiple Olympic sailors attending, and more World championships combined than there are boat competing. We pride ourselves not only on putting together a top notch regatta, but also having the best party in the world kick off our events (We are convinced that Mardi Gras in New Orleans is all about the welcoming festivities for MGRW).

    For more information please contact

    Greg Ruibin
    Chairman MGRW 2013
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