maranizing 3x90cc 2stoke atco's for 3m craft

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by madtech, May 6, 2007.

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    hi there every one iv put together an engin set comprising of 3 90cc 2stroke engines linked with chaines one is upside down to save space. the upside down one still has its kick start and clutch. the sproket from this engin then goes to the other two engins direct. the hope is that the 1st will start the other two when it revs up and its centre fugal clutch kicks in. as in the pics.

    i need to water cool them so any ideas.

    has any one put there prop infront of the prop shaft support.

    has any one ever run the prop the wrong way so the tips are forward and the screw back onto the hub.

    will there be any trouble in conecting all the air/fuel intakes into a copper tube three times the bore of the origionals and using one larger carb.

    same goes for the exahust minus the carb

    cheers for any suggestions, critisisms(not about my spelling hehehe)

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