Malcolm Tennant "Wild Thing" Tri

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    The overall length is 12.2 m (40 feet, not counting the bow sprit) - and includes the long bow overhang of the floats which are forward of the main hull bow; whereas the main hull length alone is 10.7 m (35 feet). So the clipped floats red Australian version would probably be the same length as main hull, 35'.
    This is Taranui during a Coastal Classic, you can see the low freeboard and the leeward float bury. As said, the design is crying out for L foils on the float daggers. Actually, it wasn't long after this photograph was made that Taranui lost the rig, brand new main and all.

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    In Canada?
    It says it's in Reno, Nevada and the price is in USD.

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    I think he was a bit optimistic at 44kUS plus as a starting bid. It's a beautiful built boat but has bugger all interior, a specialist boat that only appeals to a miniscule cross section of the sailing community.
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