MAKE Borg-Warner stick in forward gear

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by idpnd, Aug 20, 2022.

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    Yers, you'vĕ read correctly, I want to MAKE this automatic transmission stick in gear, well particularly the wet clutch of course!

    First, the jet drive dingy was stuck in forward, only it wasn't really an issue, since I could use the the "bucket" on the drive as gears by directing the jet drive output, even though I suspect there may have been some slippage at the top end. It had run out of oil and there was water in it. I ran it in this format for a while, before I elected to put oil in again,

    Now the gears have started working again, but the transmission is slipping massively in forward,

    The transmission is corroded into one rusty red lump, I cannot even see half of the bolts, and this particular boat is due for remotorization anyway, I'm definitely not overhauling this dinosaur trash technology with forumloads of issues wherever I look to redo the clutch!

    I may be convinced to check on hydraulic pressure but alone finding and/or opening the screw on that valve,,,

    So, and I know this might prove controversial, I'd like to make this drive lock in forward gear, and yes, ideally permanently and without slippage.

    The first time it got stuck, I think the oil leaked out through the cooler, since it was totally dry inside. Would that be the solution? Or add water and let it boil off?

    Any ideas?
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    If you want to always be in gear, throw the transmission in the garbage and connect the shaft directly to the engine.
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