Macgregor 26

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by tonto, Jul 14, 2012.

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    Well, on my own boat the windows have 2-part anodized alloy frames. The outside part carries the plexiglass in a neoprene liner, the inside part has a gap for curtain rollers. Both parts are secured with short screws on the inside, threaded holes in the outside profile. The curtains have nylon rollers on top and bottom to keep them against the tilted windows.
    I thought that was the usual construction.
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    Is there some reason you can't just glue on some rails to hang some shades on? If I cared about shades, I'd take some epoxy and glue a couple magnets on - one at each corner and possible 1 or two over the middle. Then make a couple pieces of fabric with magnets or even just washers sewn into them at the appropriate locations. Easy, foolproof, easy to store if you don't wan them. And cheap!
  3. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    Maybe you can, Jetboy, but my experiences with glue are not encouraging. Even the towel hooks in my bathroom kept falling down until I drilled a hole and put a screw in.
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    Has anyone asked Mighetto about this? :evil grin:
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    Our Macgregor 26X 2002 is our weekend escape

    I have been reading with interest all the negative comments regarding the Macgregors and as an owner of one I have to say we spend nearly every weekend away in ours sailing and motoring between Gold Coast and Moreton Bay.

    When the wind is good we sail and if the fish are biting we fish in luxury with our feet up on our comfortable rear seats and then retire to a comfortable bed before motoring home. We are lucky as we keep ours stored in dry dock with the mast and rigging up all the time so we can spend as much time as we can on the water.

    Every weekend is different and as busy company owners we believe our Mac offers us the total relaxation we need. We have added a great Bimini on the back with a large solar panel that now provides us with plenty of power to recharge phones and IPads, computers etc. OK we love our technology and can keep in touch with the office if we have to while at sea.

    While we are not dedicated yachties and I hate the idea of all those fuel guzzlers on the water I absolutely love the basic and relaxed sailing our Macgregor offers. Nothing like the sound of the wind in your sails again with our feet up relaxing back.

    Our friends have a yacht that is a high performance one and you can't even stand up in the cabin. Our boat offers all the best options for us. So I think that while there is so much negativity about the Macgregors I think a lot of owners will tell you just how much pleasure they get out of actually owning one.

    PS Our plans are to take our Mac to Fiji in later years where it will be put to rest at Savusavu yacht club and used to transport us from the airport to our Island home. Oh don't worry we won't be sailing it over but sending it in a container. So our Macgregor is all part of our plans for our retirement and can't wait to sail (yes not motor) the crystal clear waters of Fiji.

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    Yes - but can you screw curtain supports to the insides ????? :p

    But seriously KS, thanks for the extra info. As an previous Mac owner, I can identify with all you say, plus some.
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