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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Ryan88, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I'm a complete beginner with boatbuilding (even had to google the anti-spam question when registering!), but I found some inspiration looking around some luxury yachts at a boat show. I'd like to try and replicate some of the finishes in an ISO container, so need to get creative with very little space.

    This image makes for a good reference... Designed sailing yacht Alcanara .JPG

    All those sweeping surfaces (heatform plywood?), angled bulkheads and upholstered ceilings (leather - foam - MDF panels adhered to ceiling?) really look great. But how's it done and with what materials? What's used for partition walls, and what's under the carpet? What's behind all the shiny rounded mahogany veneers you see?

    If anyone has any links or info to help with the learning process, I know it's a big topic but anything would be useful. I've been trawling youtube, but am clearly not much wiser!

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    Welcome to the forum Ryan.

    Let me guess, your 25 - 26 years old and looking for a career in the industry?

    The information you want stretches across a huge gap of different specialties, within the industry. Learning a small fraction of it, can take a life time of work and study, so some focus would be a good idea at this point.

    Are you interested in the design aspect? Would this include the hull, propulsion and systems or just the interiors? If just interiors, maybe a course in industrial or interior design will do, though just getting a job at a manufacture would help a great deal. If interested in the engineering side, you'll want to look into an engineering, yacht design or NA course.

    As a rule, the interior you've shown is a large yacht (quite large) and these are done by a team of designers, engineers and specialists. This is usually a selected group, with a lead or head member, who does the concept, with the subordinates taking on their specialty and working inside the "box" the lead team member has orchestrated.
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    Thanks Par,

    Bingo, I'm 25 and would love to join the industry. But I've already studied product design (it didn't cover interiors) and now work in a different field.

    I have the design and cad modelling covered, but a better general understanding of the interior fitting process is needed for this experiment.
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    On some vessels for the large yachts interiors are made off site and sent in containers to be assembled on the vessel like a jigsaw puzzle, some of us call this "interior in a box"

    This is the supplier that installed the interior of a vessel I am familiar with:


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    Ryan88 New Member

    Keys that website is great, the video especially - thanks a lot
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