LS1 Flywheel to 72C Velvet Drive

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by AVenable, Jun 8, 2010.

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    I'm looking for a LS flywheel to mate with the damper plate of a 72C Velvet Drive in order to maintain the rear mounted starter position.

    I have found that an AUS company, Cassell, makes a LS drive adapter, but I'm not sure that it will suit my needs as I'm afraid it will require a bellhousing spacer and also put more stress on the crank.

    Boat is 34' WellCraft
    twin Chevy 454 Mercuiser's
    Borg Warner 72C Velvet Drive's

    I'm consulting for the owner on this engine swap and will also be building and tuning two 6.0L iron block Gen III Chevy engines. They will both be run clockwise and have contained cooling systems. The port drive will use a Borg Warner chainbox to accomodate the non-reverse rotation of the port engine.

    This is the last piece of the puzzle. I have contacted a company that would be able to CNC a flywheel for me; however, if anyone knows of an off the shelf flywheel, I would much rather go that route.

    Thank you
  2. gonzo
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    There should be hundreds of them around. The damper has a standard bolt pattern. It is the same as any damper plate on an engine with a standard transmission.
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    GM makes many conversion parts to fit LS engines to older cars and hence they make the flywheels/flexplates to mate to old style transmissions with the different pressure plate bolt pattern and the different length to suit.
    The only problem might be the rear entry starter as the ring gear is on the outside of the flywheel.
    I guess you need to see a conversion flywhell to see what you can do
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