Low power launch for sheltered area use

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by doublecurtain, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Good Day;
    I am a new member but have been prowling this site for years. I am interested in building a launch similar to the Phil Bolger Sneakeasy design. Fastest speed 8 knots. Plumb bow open day for friends to relax, 18-22 feet. I know how I would like it to look, but do not know the hydrodynamics.
    I will post a concept drawing at another time. Can you point me to any discussion or design on this site so that I can read it please.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Bolger's Sneakeasy gets it's speed and efficiency by being exceptionally narrow for it's length. If this was scaled down to say 22', you wouldn't have enough room to fart, let along bring along a friend. At 22' the beam would be just over 3', which is wee bit tight for most folks.

    If you increase the beam, the efficiency of this thing goes off a cliff. I don't think the look of the boat would be too affected with a 5' beam, though her 6:1 beam/length ratio will drop to 4.4:1, so you'd need more engine, but she'd still do quite well.

    This is decidedly not a choppy waters boat and low speed handling will be sketchy at best, but in calm, protected waters, she'll be stylish.
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