Low power fishing boat project begins..

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Murky Deep, Dec 30, 2022.

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    While I have not worked out every detail yet the project has begun:

    It started with realizing that I have built enough flat bottom boats to know that I don’t need another. Also, I’ve done enough jigless boats, and all are slightly crooked in a way that is noticeable to me. This one has a jig.

    So I folded up a bunch of purchased plans and printed out this:


    Yes, the William Jackson sea skiff, which I believe has appeared here before. I’m sure it will be better than a flat bottom skiff in chop and boat wakes, and will require only minimal power. At this point I’m not sure if I will buy a torqeedo in the spring, a new gas 4 stroke, or stick with an old 3.5 2 stroke.

    A saw has been in contact with plywood. It’s moved from an idea to a build. 44FCD7C0-3777-4907-9DC4-198743BA60C1.jpeg
    I laid out the transom but ran out of day light to cut it from the ripped half sheet of plywood. Tomorrow I’m starting to assemble frames.

    The only question is if I space the frames for 13’ or 15’6”.

    When I get to putting the jig together I will move the thread to the build forum.
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  2. Murky Deep
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    Since I have now cut parts it is a build.

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    If you have the option, then use the longer dimension. Makes a better all round boat but it will be a little bit heavier, take up more storage space. In most cases, better in the long run. Might even need less power for low speed operation than the 13 footer.
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