low cost emergency measures

Discussion in 'Stability' started by lucdekeyser, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Somehow I don't think the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has that great an influence - yet!.

    More likely trying to get in, judging by the massive shanty 'town' just torn up outside Calais (yes, I know that is France). The Customs are actually pretty hot at checking small boats crossing the Channel. Got woken up one am by an officer at 5am about an hour after we had turned in after a Channel crossing on an old Westerly Centaur! For all that, it is pretty easy to drop drug parcels in amongst the lobster pots etc. Less so people but it does happen, the Royal Navy is part of the defence of people trafficking and other piracy, as one senior officer I know told me.
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    Still LMAO. Thanks YoB., I needed that today. I spent 9 hours reminding the tax office and zoning people about all the stuff we straightened out 2 years ago when we pulled a bunch of building permits for the RV park where I live. Now the owner wants to pull more and we do it all over again. They were strangely amazed that I had each and every document they asked for. Eventually, I pointed out that the county has been issuing deeds and titles to the owner all along. Would they have been doing that if all this hadn't been tied up years ago?

    Should have building permits by Monday. Unfortunately, the owner has paid reservations for the thing yet to be built for tomorrow. Not that she procrastinates or anything.:p
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    "low cost measures, if any, that refugees could apply almost by themselves"?

    Last I checked, a hammer drives a nail just the same in Switzerland as in Nigeria, China, India and Mexico.

    Likewise, all the possible info to create a decent society has been freely available for several decades. This ain't 600AD when maybe people just "didn't know" lots of stuff so it was more acceptable to pin your hopes on showing up in a better culture.

    I've recently encountered several perfectly able bodied "foreign students" from 3rd world nations recently moved into neighboring housing and I can tell you for a fact the reason those places are dirty with trash everywhere is that is "the culture". I never realized how wonderful it was having a frail(with legit health problems) lower middleclass American single mother of kids ages 9,6 and 4 living next door, and more or less actually putting their garbage in the can and getting it out to pick up every week.

    It isn't that they can't "clean up their act" and create a decent culture, it is that the West makes it so easy to just show up and get on welfare.

    I sure wish I as an American citizen could get the same deal as these "political refugees" and do a 2-3 year FULLY PAID European touring/study sabbatical.

    MAYBE, renounce my US citizenship and pay some 3rd world official to grant me their citizenship, THEN show up in Holland with a list of demands.

    My guess is I could still "operate" as a defacto US citizen in the USA, especially since CA is now giving Driver Lics to illegals, and the feds give illegals a "tax payer ID #".
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    Those IDs and licenses are so illegals can vote. It's treason.
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    I agree. How goes your project?
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    Tuck a personal EPIRB into whatever belongings you take aboard. If the old tub starts to founder, activate it ! Only tip I can offer a reffo. Better than nothing.
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    Both boats in storage since end of last November. Did some maintenance work on my houses in Mexico during recent months. Mostly , just been living quietly, making plans, and salting away some funds until September when I re-amp the boat project. I'll be in Florida mid September thru end of November and hope to finish one of the boats this year. I'm working on plans in another thread, to install a collapsible Flettner rotor on one of the boats, as an experimental drive. http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/projects-proposals/collapsible-flettner-rotor-project-50587.html

    Hope we and wives can get together and go for a rotor sail. :)
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    "The frigate is under orders to save lives - whether boats are in trouble or not, they will try to intercept them and pick up the passengers."

    I guess this is part of the strategy - they almost rely on humanitarian aid to make the final part of the progress. The same thing happened for 'boat-people' coming from Indonesia to Australia

    I wonder how much money it would save to simply provide decent living conditions in their own country ?
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    Maybe it was 20 years ago +/- there was a drought in Ethiopia. The USA sent aid in food and money equivalent to $30,000 per capita, per Ethiopian, the countries total population. Most of the food and nearly ALL the cash, was stolen and didn't get to those needing it. Critique at the time was, the money would have been better applied to mass relocation. Someplace NOT a desert.
    Problem with THAT argument, some OTHER population would move in and need to be relocated in a subsequent drought AND no place on earth to move the Ethiopians even if mass relocation had been an acceptable solution to them.
    Complex problems only have WRONG simple solutions.

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    lucdekeyser, sorry this is closed but if you want my $0.02

    Take a bluejean or other durable trouser, tie off ankles, fill it with anything that will float for as a PFD. Things that will float are inflated and tied vinyl bag, garbage bag, tennis ball, styrofoam, cork, empty plastic bottle, etc. It isn't a floatation device for the boat but at least it will help them from drowning.
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