Lookinng for input for Replacement Carburetors

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Ricochet, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Looking for input for Replacement Carburetors

    Currently have twin 350 Mercruisers, 260 hp. Both carb's are Rochester Quad MV4. I have lost count on how many times they have been rebuilt. I have one that is completely worn out. Looking for an source on replacements. Both engines run great, new electronic ignitions, wires, plugs. One carb runs so rich, it uses Little more then 1 gph at 800 rpm's, running real rich. The port carb maybe uses 1 qt per hour...:D I was looking for the Quad MV4E.....

  2. woodboat
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    I believe the 600 CFM is the same as a Qjet. Edelbrock has tuning kits for these as well. You basically need a MUCH lighter power valve spring in the one sucking fuel, I use the lightest available. Additionally the secondary rods and hangers are available, again mine are a little leaner then most cars. If the one that uses less fuel makes as much or more power try to write down the rod holder number as well as the rod number.
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    Q-Jets are very good carburators. You shouldn't need to rebuild them more often than every 5 or more years. They are often set wrong and cause all kinds of trouble. Q-Jets have a huge amount of setup combinations. Are you sure they are to specs? I rebuild them all the time. Do you want to exchange them?

  4. Ricochet
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    Ricochet New Member

    Yes, I would like to have two carbs setup for mercruiser 260 hp 350 cubic in inboards. Perfer the electric chokes also.
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