looking for Waterski boats, family cruisers or pontoon boats Inventor or Solidworks

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by interactivepix, Jul 8, 2014.

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    interactivepix New Member

    Hi, I have some ideas for boat products / accessories that i want to build off existing boat models. I'm getting decent working with Inventor & SolidWorks, but I'm not a boat designer.

    I'm looking for Inventor or Solidworks models of Water Ski (bowrider) boats, family or performance runabouts, deck boats, or average to luxury pontoon boats, fishing boats, etc.

    I don't need it to be exact, just somewhat simple models that resembles some of the good boats out there. Where might I find these?

    The product I want to create would be somewhat unique to a wide range of boats, but may differ between boat types.
    What i'm wondering is, where can I purchase or find completed non-functioning boat models, i don't need it to be animated or have working mechanical or electrical guts.

    I would need to work from the typical top walk around area & seating areas, top, front, & side views of the boat. I do need to be able to add on or manipulate the model to change some stuff. Not too concerned with the internals (like inboard engines or bilge pumps, electrics, etc.)

    I've looked at quite a few of those free cad sites, not much of the type of boats i'm looking for.. I do realize that Industry boats, their models are proprietary trade secrets, etc.

    Where would I start or any good advice?

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    I'd imagine if you google "model boats", quite a bit will come up !
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