Looking for student naval plans to publish on italian specialized magazines

Discussion in 'Education' started by brivido, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Hello everyone.
    I'm an italian architect and journalist.
    For 3 years I'm publishing plans of boats (sail and power), made for University Degree or Master Thesys, on two italian monthly magazines called "SoloVela" and "Open&Fly". The column in named "Filo diretto con l'Università" and it consists of two pages on every magazine, illustrating one plan (sailing boats on "SoloVela" and motor yachts on "Open&Fly"), on every issue.
    I usually receive plans from all italian University and specialized schools and sometimes from few european institutes.
    I'ld like to publish plans from all over the world, made only for didactical tasks. The publication of every project is totally free, but i need hd jpg images and some other stuff, as plan description (in italian) and curricula of the student and all contacts of the University/School and of the main professor to call them to check and ask for permissions.
    I'm looking for plans made in the last 5 years, but I'm really selective about the quality of the project. I will be free to choose if plan is interesting enough to be published or not. Please contact me on my private mail: yacht@ferrariarchitetti.com and specify "Interested on publication" with few light image of the plan and few words as presentation.
    Thank you,
    Paolo Ferrari.
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