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    Looking for plans or photographs of warships, submarines, patrol boats, troopships and other vessels that were involved in World War II? The Library at The Mariners’ Museum, located in Newport News, Virginia, has more than 10,000 plans and 600,000 photographs and images, many of which depict vessels active in World War II. Both Allied and Axis naval vessels and merchant marine ships are represented by the materials in our collection. Plans and photos of a variety of warships and merchant vessels from other eras, as well as resources on lighthouses are also accessible. The Library is open to the public, but if you cannot make it to Newport News to view these items, reproductions of plans and photographs can be made available. You may also consider visiting the Library to complete research on a wide variety of maritime and naval history topics. The Library at The Mariners Museum is online at www.mariner.org/library.html Our street address is 100 Museum Drive, Newport News, VA 23606-3759. For information on plans contact: (757) 591-7783 or vesselplans@mariner.org. For general inquiries and information on photographs: (757) 591-7782 or library@mariner.org.
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