Looking for help to create CAD/CAM Design of big yachts

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by hendrikus, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. dawor
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    dawor New Member

    CAD / CAM designs

    - I am Master Degree in Naval Architect
    - Full competence with CAD software
    - Working experience - drawing in AutoCAD

    I can send my CV if you are interested in it!


  2. raceday
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    raceday Junior Member


    We are currently working on multiple projects and are looking for someone to put our drawings in autoship, autohydro for molds and research. Please contact me if you would be interested.

    John Cunningham,
  3. jyothilalgopi
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    jyothilalgopi Jyothilal. P. Gopi

    Resume for the Post of Naval Architect

    Jyothilal. P. Gopi,
    Naval Architect,
    Mobile : 00971+50+3516781.
    Location: Dubai, UAE. E-Mail : jyothilalgopi@rediffmail.com

    Sub : Resume for the post of Naval Architect.

    Dear Sir,
    As an experienced Naval Architect more than 5 years, I have been looking for an opportunity to work with a creative group of engineers & widen

    my knowledge & experience in more sophisticated areas of Naval Architecture in design / production / survey / supervision.

    I completed my B.Tech Degree in Naval Architecture & Ship Building Technology in First Class from Dept. of Ship Technology (DOST) in Cochin

    University of Science & Technology (CUSAT) Kerala, India.
    I have also completed PGDCA, 18 Months Part Time Course & passed Microsoft Certified Professional Exam in Implementing and Supporting Windows

    NT Server 4.0 to be recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I have in depth knowledge of Computer concepts, Languages, AutoCAD

    2D & 3D, Ship Design Softwares & 3D Studio Model Designing.

    I started my profession in Matha Marines, a ship-designing consultants in Kerala, India & I worked 3.7 Years with them. The tenure at Matha

    Marines has helped me immensely to understand the practical side of ship design. I am experienced in designing Inland /Coastal (Oil Tanker/Dry

    /Container) Vessels, Catamarans (GRP Hull), sea going inboard /Outboard engine GRP speedboats, and also capable of ship repair estimations,

    planning and supervisions.

    In March 2002, I joined Institute of Maritime Studies (IMS), Goa as Lecturer in Naval Architecture & also worked as a Consultant for Chowgule

    Shipyard Pvt. Ltd.,Goa. I am also responsible of setting up of ISBT Naval Architect Consultancy cell with three Naval Architects and was the

    team player of the cell. My experience in IMS and the Cell equipped me to update my knowledge and strengthening my fundamentals in theoretical

    aspects of Naval Architecture.

    At present, I am employed in Archirodon Constructions (Overseas) Co, S.A a multinational company in UAE, as Naval Architect (Dredging Division

    ). My work area includes Estimation, Budget preparation, repairing, class renewals, bringing to class, maintenance & modification works on

    vessels ranging from 22 M to 84 M in length.

    I am sure that, I will be able to offer the best and also efficiently support the activities in your esteemed organization. Thanking you in

    anticipation of a favorable response.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jyothilal. P. Gopi.
  4. ars-technica
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    ars-technica Naval Architect

    yach design

    Dear Sir,

    we are an italian firm specialized in yacht design. We are interested in starting a collaboration with your shipyard.

    Please keep in touch.

    Best Regard.

    Ing. Salvatore Sorrentino



    Naval Architech

    I Am A Naval Architech With 3 Years Experiences At Shipyard. In The New Construction Division. I Am Familiar Work With Cad & Cnc Machine As Well As The Marine Software: Maxsurf & The Autoship. If You Interesting Just Contact Me
  6. naval architect


    My name is Mohammad Sharifi.
    I’m a naval architect.

    I have some experience about catamaran design (reverse engineer)
    Also I have experience for design and shop drawing for hall merchant ships.
    Now I am Responsible for Auxiliary machinery in design office of Isoico Ship Yard in IRAN.

    I speak Persian and English. I now live in Iran but I’m ready to go anywhere.
    I have certificate for TRIBON software (outfitting Modules) and I am professional in AUTOCAD and EXCELL. Also I can work with mechanical desktop, mars and Microsoft project.

    Best regards
    Mohammad Sharifi

    Po Box: 79145-3736 Bandar Abbas, Iran
    Address: 37km west of Bandar Abbas, ISOICO ship yard, new ship building part, design office, machinery Dept.
    Tel: +98 763222 3415
    Fax: +98 763222 3278
    Mobile: +98 912 251 5652
  7. I am Interrest

    Dear Mr.
    My name Is Richard
    now i live in surabaya. i am navar arcitecture and ship buildng engineering.
    i like make more design 3 dimention about ship

    this is my design

    i hope i can join in your company.

    thank you for your attantion

  8. anoop21
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    anoop21 New Member

    Dear sir

    I am a Naval Architect and am having some experience in shipyards and consultancy.
    I have also designed a lines plan drawing for small FRP boats, and am well versed with all versions of Autocad(2004).
    I would like to proceed with your offer of design.
    Please let me know if you are intersted and mail me at anoop_2111@yahoo.co.in

    Anoop venugopal
  9. Cad-cam

    I am a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer. I've worked with a design company and I have experience about the CAD-CAM. If you would like to see my resume please do not hesitate to contact with me.

    Mustafa Sargin
    e-mail: mussargin@yahoo.com
  10. winnie
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    winnie New Member

    Very experience designer in structure/3d/CNC


    I am looking to get involve in Projects. I have worked for car racing teams to America's Cup..

    So, if you are interested in skills.. please contact me and I can send you my CV.

  11. pauldsf
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    pauldsf New Member

    navale architecte looking for job

    I saw your your quote in boatdesign.net for a boat designer quailfy with cad/cam design, welling to work in Indonesia.
    I am graduate from Southampton Institute in <yacht and Powercraft design> and I am looking for a job in Indonesia.
    You can see my website (in french), if you need know my work and experience at www.eventail.info

  12. anildas
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    anildas New Member

    Conceptia Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India can help you to get all your production drawings, fabrication skids, NC cutting codes, Pipe and cable routes alongwith BOM for your yacht and small boat designs including navy vessels using Tribon the widely used Ship Building software.

    We have vast experience in this area.

  13. virginiya
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    virginiya Junior Member

    I am interested in your offer if you are interested to work over the Internet.


  14. anildas
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    anildas New Member

    Tribon Services

    Dear Virginiya,

    I am prepared to work over the internet. Infact we are doing the same for a Finnish/Malaysian client. The class drawings come to us from Finland and our deliverables go to Malaysia.

    Please contact me with your detailed requirements.

    Best regards,

    NT Anildas
    Conceptia Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Bangalore, India

    Tel : +91-80-26799382
    Mobile: 00919844153232
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