Looking for easy to build single outboard small power cat design in ply

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Geno67, May 29, 2023.

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    Brand new member, long time lurker.

    It's time for me to upgrade and finding a suitable used craft has proved difficult for my budget.

    I really don't want to build but it looks like I may have to. I've used a 2000 model 18' McKee Craft dual console for ten years and it's getting too heavy for me to launch and recover (3000 lbs. +/- probably partially soaked), is a wet ride and pounds too much in snotty seas. I mainly run 20-40 miles offshore to fish but I also use her for shell hunting and sand bar visits with the wife and a couple friends.

    I have at my disposal a single 2000 model Johnson Ocean Pro 150 that has been a wonderful workhorse, all of the accoutrements (bait tanks, hatches, fish box, seats, 80 gallon fuel tank, rails, cleats, windscreen, folding ladder, VHF, chartplotter, GPS controlled trolling motor, etc.) from a 2000 model McKee Craft 1800 DC who has also been a wonderful workhorse.

    I am looking to travel with a load of 1500 pounds all up. She will need to be trailerable. She will live outside under a metal carport. I would like her to be as short as practicable - I'm thinking 18' but a cat setup with full beam carried far forward may allow me to reduce OAL.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you come across Richard Woods' Skoota 18?
    Sailing Catamarans - Skoota 18 trailable 8ft wide daycruising or fishing http://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/designs-2/6-powercats/489-skoota-18

    Here he says :
    "The Skoota 18 is a simple to build and trail powercatamaran. It is based on the Chat 18 sailing catamaran but with extra buoyancy aft to take a bigger engine, up to 20hp. This gives an economic cruising speed around 9-10 knots and top speed in the low teens."

    Would the low teens be fast enough for you?

    Or how about a 19' Livingston cat?
    2015 Livingston LV19 in Portsmouth, VA https://www.smartmarineguide.com/L49986216
  3. Geno67
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    Geno67 Clueless Member

    The Skoota is a nice looking and well appointed craft but I am looking for 40 mph +/-. The simpler the better as I want to spend as little time in the build as possible. The Glen L Cats (Aqua Cat hull with the sport interior layout as shown on the Wildcat E_X_T) are what I have seen available so far that may fill the bill but I'm open to any similar design.

    I personally am not a fan of center consoles. Whatever I end up with will have a standard control layout.
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    As far as time and budget are concerned, you’d be far ahead to find a suitable used hull to start with.
    In my experience, building any boat takes far more time and money than you plan for.
    Florida is bursting at the seams with boats, I can’t think of a better place to be in the market for a recoverable hull.
  5. Geno67
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    Geno67 Clueless Member

    Almost no cats in the length I require. The weight is a big issue as I am in my last years of boating as all of them are fiberglass. Practically all of them are center consoles. I would much rather find a hull but I'm not having much luck. There are a gazillion cats over 20' and a few under 16' but almost none in between.

  6. IronPrice
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    There are couple of reputable companies building alloy cats in NZ. You could get a hull built and shipped to you?

    Blackdog Cats and Kingfisher Cats are two examples.

    I regularly go fishing with a guy who has a 5m Blackdog Cat. It's a phenomenal machine. He uses it in a really tough environment and it performs
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