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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Scator2, Feb 12, 2004.

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    Scator2 New Member

    Freedom Yachts is a semi-custom boatbuilding company specializing in the production of "Legacy" powerboats. Sizes range from 28' to 54'. We are seeking a self-motivated engineer/designer familiar with boatbuilding/system installation. Responsibilities will include: Creating and issuing installation drawings for various systems; calculating laminate schedules for hulls and other GRP parts; assisting in the implementation of resin-infusion laminating techniques; documenting existing system arrangments and installation/construction procedures. Salary commensurate with experience.

    Scott Bryant
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    I've been involved in boat manufacturing for 10 years now, my last assignment was in Kingdom of Bahrain (Middle East) for 7 years I work as a Assistant Designer (AUTOCAD2002/DRAFIXCAD PROFESSIONAL/PHOTOSHOP 6.0) and at the same time as a Production supervisor, during my tenure I was involved in all stages of boat production, from research and development, designing superstructures, mould making, lamination, assembly and all sort of GRP boat repairs. We use to export our boat to US under the name of DAKOTA YACHTS and SeaDan, due to our strict compliance on the ABYC rules and regulation, our product can be compared to that of US made, once we're been feature in 2 leading boating magazines (BOATING & POWERBOAT). Graduated with the degree on Bachelor of Science in Architecture, it might not be Naval, but I'm confident enough with my experience and knowledge that I can be asset to your company. If you need more information on my detailed work experienced I'm more than willing to provide. I can be reach on my email add. at m3macatual@hotmail.com & m3macatual2002@yahoo.com.

    Hope to hear from you MARVIN.
  3. ars-technica
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    ars-technica Naval Architect

    Dear Sir,

    we are an italian firm specialized in yacht design. We are interested in starting a collaboration with your shipyard.

    Please keep in touch.

    Best Regard.

    Ing. Salvatore Sorrentino


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    I have ten years experience in boatbuilding.I do my structural analysis using Lloyds Registry structural analysis program.i have made boats from 14 to 70 footer in fiberglass from plans to molds to sea trials. If interested please contact me at my e mail address.

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