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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Andrew, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi, I know I probebly don't have a good chance but I wanted to try anyway.
    I wanted to ask you guys if anyone know a place where i can possibly work as an apprentice in eather boatbuilding or boat design, I know i dont have my designing degree, nor do i have much experience in boat building. But I have been around boats all my life, I was on russian sailing team for almost 6 years untill i moved to the U.S. I have repaired hundreds of boats, and I know most of the stuff concerning boats.. Furthermore I am excellent in hand drafting or however one calls it. And currently learning Auto Cad, Rhino and 3D MAX. I plan on becoming a boat designer, but I really really want to do something now, and I would put up my best effort if anyone would offer me a position as an apprentice, I really don't even care about pay, as long as I can afford to buy food and have a place to live and a job that I would love more then anything. I have a huge passion for boats just like the rest of you guys, and it means a world to me. So I hope I can get an opportunity to prove that I can be good to someone.


    and big hopes,

    Andrew Maryushchenko
  2. ravi

    ravi Guest

    where to learn 3d , autocad ,rhino

    iam havving doubts?
    1. after completining navalarchitecturte bachelors degree , what course u ahve to learn to get ajob? . iam not ahving any computer skils?
    i know that autocad,rhino,etc are necesaary? but where we can leran them?
  3. andrew

    andrew Guest


    you know i am taking autocad in school, i learned rhino on my own and computer skills well just from practice..
  4. RDB
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    RDB Junior Member

    Where Do You Live? If On The West Coast Try Out Schooner Creek In Portland. They'll Take You On, But Not Sure How Many New Builds They're Getting.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I live in michigan at the moment but portland would not be a bad place, as i said id like anyting, I was just wondering how do u know that they would? and who should i contact?
  6. Arrowmarine
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    Arrowmarine Senior Member

    No Way!!

    You have got to be kidding me! Are you for real? You mean there is still someone out there who wants to learn a trade because they are passionate about it and not just to make a quick buck? Someone who wants to start out as an apprentice and learn the ropes from experienced people so that they can put out the best product they can? Someone who wants to learn computer drafting/design skills as an enhancement to their profession instead of taking 2 yrs of Autocad and then think thats all they need to design boats?
    Well, Thank God! Sorry for venting Andrew, I've had a really bad week dealing with people who are supposed to be professionals. You know the old saying " Give a man a rope and he'll think he's a cowboy." I'm finding out the truth of that statement. Anyway......

    OK, I'm all better now. What I really want to say, Andrew, is God Bless you and everything you stand for. If you had walked into my shop and said those exact words to me I would have hired you on the spot. People with that kind of attitude are few and far between these days. At least in my neck of the woods. The best advice I could give you is dont ever, ever, EVER lose that attitude. I dont know how many "professional" draftsmen my former employer pulled in to "increase efficiency" only to have me blow their doors off time and time again. Me. Just a simple boat builder who never went to college. I learned autocad by the users manual and sitting in front of it and punching keys. What would take the draftsman 1 week would take me a half hour. I'm no genius by any means, and I'll be the first one to tell you that I probably use no more than 20 or 30 percent of what autocad is capable of. Some of these guys could make Autocad do things I never would've imagined was possible, yet give him a metal template without a 90 degree angle on it anywhere and tell him to document it you would have thought we asked him to design the next space shuttle. The difference? I know how to apply it to my craft. I spent 10 years building boats before I ever even cosidered designing my own. Autocad is just a tool to me. A very useful, time saving, accuraccy improving tool, but a tool nonetheless. Remember that boats were designed for millenia WITHOUT computers and the basics are not much different then they are now. Nowhere have I gotten more usefull information than from reading the "old school" books. Why? Because they cover the fundamentals. And I believe that NOTHING is more important than the fundamentals. Not just knowing them, but fully understanding them. The fact that you want to get in and learn to apply your skills to your goal and learn the basics is awesome. I wish you the best of luck and I have no doubt that you will be succesful.
    Now, where are you located? What kind of boats do you want to design?
    Canoes? Cruise ships? Yachts? Anything as long as it's a boat :)? Tell me more. If you are anywhere near Oregon, I'll give you a shot!
    Sorry for the long editorial. I've been wanting to start a thread on this for awhile, so thanks for the opportunity:) I'm sure I'll make friends and enemies on this one:)

    Take Care and Good Luck,
  7. RDB
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    Hey, before even contemplating going to Schooner Creek, make sure he has some new builds lined up. Otherwise you'll be bottom painting for 6 months before having a mental meltdown. Check out their website and give them a call. They have some great talent in that shop, sometimes just not enough work(new boats). Otherwise, pack yo crap in the car, drive to the east coast and beg, grovel and bribe. Works better than e-mail.
  8. Thunderhead19
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    I'm sure there are absolutely dozens of little boat yards in michigan that would give you a try. Try building up a portfolio of your work with as many of your drawings you can get and as many photos of your handiwork as you can find. I introduced myself to the boatbuilding industry around here by making it as easy as possible for small boat yards to start doing in-house CAD design work. You might be able to do contract work on small projects too. Many Naval Architects hire drafters on contract when they are very busy, but cannot afford to hire a new full time drafter.
  9. lasyapriya
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    lasyapriya lasya priya

    iam just ahving bachelors degree in naval architectectiure.i dont know any ship designing software?pls tell me what sodtware i have to learn for designing ships , and
    where i can learn them?
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    You know, may be taking alight course in Westlawn would help or from my experience i learned most of my softwares on my own but now im taking a AutoCad course and geting my 2 year degree in it, it seems a lot of companys like that you have that.
  11. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

  12. Alastair
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    Alastair Mr

    Andrew how you doing 5 years on? you a boat builder!? you needing an apprentice!?
  13. isvflorin
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    Try your luck with Greenline yacht interiors, they are hiring some personnel, if you don't mind relocating to Dubai.



  14. isvflorin
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    Hi Joey,
    surprisingly there are many "Andrews" out there, it is just a matter of being in the right spot at the right time and make yourself heard. But that is not easy to do, many times those "Andrews" either don't find the right people to work for and just get exploited and get their enthusiasm killed. Some manage to be in the right spot at the right time.

    Boat building and boat design is one of the most rewarding jobs ever, too bad this whole world is ruled by profit...

    Best of luck Andrew, hope your dreams come true.
    Joey, thanks for appreciating people like Andrew, it is no wonder though for a self taught person like you.

    Happy Holydays people !

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