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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by abm, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Im a guy from Denmark, and I'm doing the danish boat building education. It's a four year education, focused on construction of boats in both wood and composite. The Education consists of around 1 year school, and 3 years of practice. I have soon done the first 20 weeks, and need to find a place where i can work minimum 6 months and get some practical experience. Before i started the school i worked around 7 months on a traditional boatyard in the Basque Country, where i helped building and repairing traditional wooden whale fisher boats. This made me fall in love with the craft, working and shaping the wood with my hands. And i hope to continue working with wood as much as possible.

    So i want to ask if anybody can give me some advices, tips or anything that could help me finding a place, it doesn't matter where in the world it is.
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    The world climate for the marine industries every where ! you are better to go grow carrots and sell them on a roadside stall, has a better future !!:eek:
    The marine and boating boom times of the 1970/80 will never come again !! not in my life time anyway . every second house had a boat in the front or back yard,every shed had the frame works of some one dreams ! people were boating every night of the week and all weekends . There were no cell phones and life was peaceful and quiet !! Children played and did things together and parent didnt have to worry about drugs to much ! but they wernt far away !!,
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    Every side of it has been a hard business for 20 years. If you have fallen in love with it, you will be ok. You won't be rich, but you'll enjoy life fine.
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