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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by David Allen, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I’m looking for someone interested in designing a sailboat for me. I want to scale up an existing sharpie design. The original designer is not interested in doing this himself—he has other projects.

    The boat is presently 14 feet, and I want to almost double it to 24. I understand that this particular design scales very well.

    (Anyone interested in telling me that boats cannot be scaled without major changes—especially the increase I am looking for—I am aware of this. This particular discussion can be left between me and the designer. Thanks.)

    I want the boat designed for plywood with as much stitch-and-glue as possible. The boat must be fully insulated and unsinkable. The rig will change, as, of course, will the interior. Outboard powered, possibly electric.

    Anyway, write me at sharpie@lull.us for more details and your thoughts.


  2. Ilan Voyager
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    It's not impossible but it's a total redesign you're asking for. It's the same job (a part some drawings) as a new design.

    A designer will have to charge you practically the same price as a custom boat, are you ready to pay that?

    A 24 feet boat unsinkable, self righting and staying upright with a decent freeboard even full of water is not a so simple task. (google search Etap 22 and Van de Stadt who was the pioneer) It won't be cheap for you in fees (and expensive to build)...

    You can contact me on my private messages for further discussion.

    Have a nice day.
  3. David Allen
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    David Allen New Member


    Hi Ilan,

    I'm aware of design and building costs. Actually, I'm living in Asia at the moment and building costs are very different here than in America. In any case, I may choose to build all or part of it myself.

    (You're private email via boatdesing.net is blocked.)


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  5. daiquiri
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  6. messabout
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    Get Reull Parkers book. "The Sharpie Book". It has many designs that may interest you. Additionally, Bolger has many sharpie or near sharpie designs. Bolgers Birdwatcher is in the size range that you mention. It is not unsinkable but is proven to be self righting without benefit of ballast. It is a somewhat weird looking boat but it certainly has many adherants.

    Howard Chapelle is most widely regarded as the sharpie guru. He has authored several books that are worth investigation.

    Purists will balk at calling tha 14 footer a sharpie. They will prefer to call it a flattie. It becomes a sharpie when the length reaches about 20 feet. Not to put too fine a point on the matter because we know what a sharpie is no matter what its' size. Matter of fact there is a little 16 foot sharpie/flattie asleep in my boat shed. I am continuously pleased with it, even though it has its' limitations.
  7. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    I have several sharpie designs, including a few in the size range you're interested in. Ilan is correct in that the new resulting design, even though a seemly scaled up version of a previous model would be a new, custom design. It certainly can have all the styling clues, general proportions and appearance of the original model. Drop me an email (click on my name) and we can discuss your options.
  8. Tcubed
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    Tcubed Boat Designer


    What has been previously mentioned is true: "scaling up" is basically making a new design. Also, it is definitely worthwhile looking into what is already drawn, for cost reasons.
    If however you wish to retain the exact look and feel of the fourteen foot boat, I would be delighted to make you the plans. Scaling considerations are a specialty of mine as not only do i design boats but I am also a sailing model boat enthusiast, which require a thorough understanding of the problems associated with scaling. Also, the sharpie type is a long time favorite of mine, as is plywood construction.
    Just email me if you want to see what i do.


    P.S. What is even more remarkable is that my father worked in Kaoshung for two years as technical adviser in one of the ship yards. Whereabouts are you?

  9. David Allen
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    David Allen New Member

    Thank you all

    Thank you all for all the input. It is more than I expected so soon.

    I have seen probably all the presently available designs for sharpies, none of which fit my requirements. I have been searching for years.

    I understand the costs and most of the issues involved.

    (The reason I have posted on this site is that I had contacted designers individually about this, and none of them seemed interested.)

    I will be emailing those who have contacted me and look forward to hearing from others.

    Thank you very much,

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