Looking for a blue water boat,fast,classic!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by MarioCoccon, Feb 9, 2006.

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    :) Hi Folks: My father take the sad desicion of sell his always loved sailboat. Its a Allied Sea Wind 30 1966 very fast, good performance and a classic that every bay we anchor people look him or row to us just for rescpect a classic. We put new bottom and top sides paint in 2004 still like new. Westerbeake diesel 27hp run and sound like new, start in the first turn!!! no smoke at all. Marine refrigeration, big solar panel , Air Marine wind generator,New harken roller furling with new jib, two mainsails, 4 jibs, one mizzen new, all sail covers new, new deck paint with new nonskin in gelcoat, new marine toilet, new water pump and bilge pumps, ac 5,000 btu, canopy canvas, Big Bruce anchor with 100 of chain and to many rope to count news!!, very fresh boat, color TV/vcr AC and DC, four new 6v golf car batteries we never be out of power!!!!!, new marine chargers, new prop, transmission complete rebuid engage like a new one, This boat was design for real cruisers or people that appreciate clasics, average speed 6knts but sometimes down wind we do 9 and 10 knts just look info on the internet.Last owner the original make a round the word and we put a couple of miles more in this vessel, just return from the Virgin Islands for 4 weeks. Nice!! Marinas here are cheap think about have a boat in the Caribbean!!!. SORRY ABOUT PUT A SALE POST BUT WE NEED TO SELL AND I THINK THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO DO IT. For price or info please write here or send me PM. Bye everyone have a good weekend
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