Looking for a 50 passenger Catamaran for whale watching

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by aidan545, Oct 4, 2012.

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    We are looking for a pre-owned catamaran for whale watching off of WA.

    Can any one point me to a broker or know anyone that may have one for sale?

    We are looking for roughly 50 passenger vessel with cruising speed around 28 knots.

    Really appreciate any advice.

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    You may get more responses if you activate your private messaging and email.
  3. Submarine Tom

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    Click on my name and send me a personal message.

    I can help you.

    Correction: I meant PRIVATE MESSAGE.
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    Click on your UserCP control panel link if you want to enable other members to contact you via email. (Options, Messaging & Notification -> Receive Email from Other Members.)

    PM has now been enabled manually for the OP; note, in general the PM system is not activated for new members until they have 5 posts on the public forum and is then automatically activated the following day. This is to prevent spammers from signing up and sending PM spam to other members.

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    No PM yet.

    Aidan, are you serious?
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