looking a stitch and glue boat to hold 15 hp engine but less then 18 ft.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Barron Cohen, Mar 1, 2018.

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    looking a stitch and glue boat to hold 15 hp engine but less then 18 ft. Also it would be nice if the plans were free or open source
    thankyou to anyone who can help
  2. jorgepease
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  3. fallguy
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    Bateau has lots of s&g and a helpful forum of folks and a store with supplies.

    Otherwise glen-l might have a few s&g; not 100% sure.
  4. messabout
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    There are many free plans out there. Some of them are actually pretty good ones. The others are often done by well meaning people who do not have a clue about how to design a satisfactory boat and some of the free plans are so antiquated that the specified construction method is no longer the way boats are built. . The problem is that if you are not already conversant with the characteristic elements of sound design then you will not know what you are getting from free plans.

    Your best course of action is to buy a set of plans from an established source such as Glen-L or other established supplier. The money you spend for plans will almost surely save you more than the cost of the plans.

    If you plan to build a boat in order to save money......you will be disappointed in the end.. You can buy many a perfectly good used boat for less than the cost of material for the one you might build. If you will build a boat because it gives you pleasure to create something useful then by all means do build it. Get professional plans however.
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    ... what Messabout said. If you're going to spend that much money on wood and motor, a few hundred on a decent set of plans is worth every penny.

  6. PAR
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    The 18' outboard powered boat, is literally the most popular in the USA. Plans are available for these as well as every foot size smaller or larger for a wide range. There are hundreds to choose from, from many designers, dead and still kicking.

    As to free or open source plans, well, maybe you can get someone to give you a boat and beat all the itching and saw dust too . . . Generally you get what you pay for, so consider this, before going down a route you'll hate to own, after untold hours and dollars utilized building it.
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