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    Hi all,
    We now have a full schedule displayed on our website, some highlights shown here but go to the website for full details Thanks.

    Course Schedule at
    the Sherbrooke Shipbuilding Shop
    The schedule is now on the Sherbrooke Shipbuilding Shop website and with more than
    50 yes fifty courses available from May to November 2014 we are sure that you can find the course for you at the time to suit your own schedule.

    We have a total of 10 Basic Lofting courses on offer, along with one day fundamentals of Lofting courses to let you try them out.

    We have a total of 7 Advanced Lofting Courses

    To compliment our Lofting Course we are also running a total of 10 Boatbuilding/Lofting for small boat courses

    Our Half Hull Model Making Courses are on for a total of 17 courses for you to learn this wonderful skill and produce your own fine model to take away with you.

    If you want to further your Shipbuilding knowledge then we have a total of 5 running throughout the year and other courses can be arranged if required

    Registrations are now being taken for all courses at the new Sherbrooke Shipbuilding Shop, here in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada

    For all courses please call (from outside North America)
    +1 902 522 2400
    If you are in North America you can call our toll free number at the following

    Or by email to
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