Lofting a ship tank with rhino

Discussion in 'Software' started by AlexDim, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Hey. I have a dxf file of a tank I would like to Loft. I keep getting some holes in the surface. Is there any Rhino pro's out there that could give me the steps for the best way to loft this. (or any other way in order to make this a surface).
    See attached file.

    Thanks for any help


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    I see what you're trying to do but I wouldn't use the loft command for it.

    I would use polylines and splines to reproduce the edges of the various planes, then build new surfaces from these edges. There are plenty of sharp corners to snap to, so the edge curves should be pretty accurate. In fact, if you trace the top surface and extrude this curve downward, your vertical surfaces are done. Then use the same curve to trim back a rectangular surface and the top is made.

    Trace and trim the bottom surface. Then a two-rail sweep, a few "surface from edge curves " and maybe a curve network, and the outboard surfaces will be done.


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