Little Miss Sweden

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SC1, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. SC1
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    SC1 Senior Member ;) ;)
    What do you think about this 21ft? Tops 53knots with 200Hp.
    At the moment we are building a retro 37ft runabout with Volvo IPS,
    retractable hardtop and power assited sidewindows.
    What do you think about the mix of nostalgic lines and modern materials/performance?
  2. Wayne Grabow
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    Wayne Grabow Senior Member

    Very cool; to me, combining great concepts from the past with modern techniques and materials creates the best of both worlds.
  3. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Gawd - just what we need .. another pretty gas guzzling toy for the rich and very bored. Still, I think you will find plenty of suckers ,er customers for the concept.
  4. yipster
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    yipster designer

    that sounds super, the 21 sure looks fancy and fast enough i would think
  5. DanishBagger
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    DanishBagger Never Again

    Well, I wouldn't buy it – gasoline is way too much in this country. But it's nice, methinks. Certainly a beauty to my eye.

    And I don't even use an engine on my boat (it's an engineles one with sails instead).

  6. ted655
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    ted655 Senior Member

    Limited clip of course, but based on what was there, I wasn't that impressed. Getting on plane was a wild hesitant move and staying on plane looked like it was always at the edge. A turn, a wave, an acceleration made the boat fall off or rise up. Looks like plane is a thin line (too thin).
    I realize that "maybe" the engine wasn't trimmed @ the correct times. "Maybe" the throttle was being misapplied, BUT... that clip did not make me want to buy one. If nothing else, this is 1 boat that is a candidate for a jack plate.
    I agree with rwatson, just another ill manered, go fast, plastic boat.
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