Litoral Combat Ships

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    Yes unfortunately that is the new Navy. Those are the stealth design, supposed to lower their radar signature. I call it ugly. How they are at sea keeping I don't know. I really don't know about their bluewater capability. The Coast Guard has gone the same direction but not as extreme. It looks more like a yahct than a patrol boat.

    30 MM. These ships are supposed to be used mostly inshore (Littoral) against small fast boats. The 30 mm guns are ideal for that kind of target. They are also equipped with a fully automatic 57mm gun with a range of 14km that can fire 200 rounds per minute and a missile system that fires Hellfire Missiles. They also can interchange their armament systems. The come in modules that can be lifted off and replaced with a different system. They are versatile and fast, 50 knots max. .
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