Lithium batteries on multis

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by peterbike, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Recently I read that lithium batteries used in temperatures over 72 degrees (i'm guessing/hoping farenheit ?) can have their lifespans shortened up to 50%.
    If thats true, it could mean either no going to the tropics or we gotta stick to lead acid batteries :(
    Can anybody shed any light on this subject ?
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    I can't "shed any light on this subject" but I suspect that it refers to degrees Celsius. I know that it is not easy to find these temperatures in the environment but perhaps it is referring to overheating, for whatever reason, of the batteries.
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    Celsius. And even that is dubious. Otherwise they would not be practical for smart phones and.... just about anything else you held in your warm mitts.

    But since we're on the topic. You should have a method of cooling you batteries, even lead acids but esp. Li chemistries because they do get hot when charging/discharging. Usually air flow is sufficient but having them in contact with the hull (or a bracket near by) where the heat can be passed into the water is useful.

  4. BlueBell
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    BlueBell "Whatever..."

    72 is considered room temperature in Fahrenheit.
    There is no such significance to 72C.
    A 50% reduction in lifespan doesn't hold water at room temperature.
    Where did you read this?
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