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Discussion in 'Software' started by LePrince, Feb 9, 2020.

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    Dear All

    Is there any software i can use to create new lines for a displacement ship

    I expect the input to be L, B, D, LCB, CP, CB, or CM, PMB Start and Extension, Bilge radius

    I'm wondering if there is any software around can do it even if it create some preliminary curves to be faired later

    Thanks and regards
  2. gonzo
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    Are you looking for software to completely design a ship? The lines drawings are a representation of the design, not the design itself. The design process starts by finding out what the ship is supposed to accomplish. It goes on to investigate any and all regulations it will have to comply with. Also, there will be constraints. For example, maximum beam and length to be able to go through the Panama canal. It goes on and on until a complete Statement of Requirements (SOR) is completed. Most likely it will have to be revised and modified later. All these parameters will drive the design and will end up in a set of lines. I suppose that eventually there may be AI to do all that, but it is in the future.
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  3. TANSL
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    Gonzo, all that has nothing to do with what the OP asks.
    Answering @LePrince now, there are several programs, Maxsurf for example, that have "templates" for various types of ships. When the user chooses one of those templates, enters the characteristics of his project, the program generates a 3D model of the hull trying to adapt to them as much as possible. Then designer can apply a parametric transformation to that initial hull to adjust more and more the coefficients of the "template" to those of his ship
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  4. LePrince
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    LePrince Junior Member

    thanks for your answer

    Maxsurf templates are very limited

    In TRIBON M3 there was a module called "Form" it was a powerful tool to create lines with inputs and release it to lines for further fairing

    i was wondering if there is new software which can do the same job with modern interface and more options

  5. Remmlinger
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