light weight boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by azri, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Tunnels: what does owning a minesweeper have to do with the structural characteristics of carbon fiber? You claim it doesn't work. Thousands of boats, including minesweepers, contradict your statement. Seems that you turn to personal attacks when someone doesn't agree with something you say. Can you back your statement about carbon fiber with data instead of anecdotes?
  2. tunnels

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    Totally !! pitty we didnt get a answer and a little more information !!:)
    He wanted to know about a light weight boat there wasent even a hint of a ship mentioned any where in the question !!
    probably thinks its a waste of time and i am of the same mind !!!!

    Gonzo why are you being a richard crainium recently ? look at some of the posts you answered and seem its pick on Gonzo time !! You are a really bright guy and a wealth of really valuable knowledge but some of the answers recently are really not you !!
    This post the guy wanted to know about light boats not silly lightships for heaven sake !! he comes from a country where english is a second or third language and the words he chooses to use are not what you would use so give him a break, brake !!! get what i mean !!sounds the same with completely differant meanings !!
    Carbon and mine sweepers why even mention them for heavens sake !!
    Take another pill and lay down !!
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    Hey Azri,
    we just need a little more detail ... :D

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    Actually there was if you read the first post:
    We need to know if he is asking about a SOF kayak or a lightweight fast fiberglass boat or a larger "ship" or something else altogether. His last thread was asking about aircraft carriers!
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    sorry if the information is blur..

    this is another Q i want to ask..

    if im design or built a small leisure boat under 5 M, what type of analysis should be included?

    didn't the hydomax software applicable to analyze the boat under 5m in length?, if no what is your opinions regards to the method to calculate the stability of the boat?


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    azri - with such little effort in your questions don't expect people answering putting much effort either.

    The point above is a valuable thing to learn.
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