Lifting keel and mast lowering system

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Marek Stanczyk, Jan 6, 2021.

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    I am a sport sailor and a boat builder from Poland, new at forum. I'd like to share with you 2 solutions which are absolutely not new but at boat shows they they are very often commented and arouse a lot of interest.

    One is lifting keel: N'Fun Yachting - N Fun 30 - lifting keel system in trailerable yacht

    The other is mast lowering system (presented at the video in article above). I was surprised with feedback about this solutions. Something what is widely used at Polish Masurian Lakes for more than 40 years on almost every boat it was completely new for 95% visitors during Southampton Boat Show or Boot Dusseldorf i.e.

    Both solutions make my N Fun 30 yacht ready to trailer transport in about 3 hours from end of sailing.
    I am happy to help with design if someone would like to implement it in his yacht.


    Marek Stanczyk
    N Fun Yachting
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    Its a nice boat for its type, the market for this boat may be more popular in Poland as trailer-sailers seem to be less and less these days. The system for mast raising is common, that might say a lot about the people who are visiting boat shows if they know nothing about it. Wish you luck with your builds.
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