Lets talk about rats, and wire insulation

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by pbmaise, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. CutOnce

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    Must sound like rat mother-in-laws.

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  2. pbmaise
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    Poison for rats

    The issue about poison I found is that cockroaches love to eat it. I had a rat in the garage and placed a batch of rat poison in a dry spot. I got rid of it when one day I noticed the number of cockroaches in the garage and that they were crawling in the dish of rat poison. None dead of course.

    About once a month at my dock I notice they have been aboard my boat because they leave droppings behind.

    I don't dare leave a hatch cover open at night. For a friends boat I'm watching I made a metal mesh screen to cover the hatch cover.
  3. Frosty

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    Rat glue its cheap about 20 baht a tin. Bait with a bit of sardine,

    Cock roaches --use a 'melangsarb rongram ' cock roach hotel (Cock roach trap)

    When its full throw away.

    Ask the girl in 7-11 for one.
  4. tom kane
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    A friend of mine went on holiday and laid poison for the rats..when he came home there was water everywhere.He had not left any water for the rats so they got it themselves by attacking the water plumbing which was plastic.
    I have seen a car with the quaterglass front window rubber chewed through so the rat could get at a bar of chocolate in the car,sure are great engineers..perhaps they will design a great boat for me.
  5. Frosty

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    When I return to my car after parking in the carpark at the ferry terminal for 6-8 weeks I bang on the bonnet furiously. If I don't when I crank it up rats run from underneath with babies.

    I once got home after the 1400km trip( 13 hours later) in the door jam of the passenger door was bald blind rats, about 3. I could not kill them damn it I cant.

    I have had baby a python in exactly the same place. but when disturbed it climed up to the passenger mirror. It blew wildly in the wind until 100kmh and it came off. It was only small I though it was a piece of grass at first.

    Rats eat my pisser bottle cap for the washers --thats all they eat--sometimes half of it is gone, amazingly you can buy replacements.
  6. Don Novello
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    I once was on board a wooden sail boat that smelt so bad, a rat had taken poison, died somewhere inaccessible and they just couldn't get to the carcas... stay away from rat poison.
  7. Frosty

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    Yes rat glue holds them in place till you can humanely knock thier brains out with a lump of wood and dispose of the carcase. Or drown them in a bucket--- I taught the wife to do this before I get up and come down for coffee.

    Dont use poison.
  8. bntii
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  9. Frosty

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    Yes but doesnt it damage the wall paper.
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