Let´s be practical. Are we in the right way?

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    Most of the designs saling around the world are not classic designs. In fact most of the boats for chartering or another commercial use are not Hallberg-Rassy, Contest,Malö, Colin Archer, Hans Christian,Nauticat, Irwin, Vancouver.
    They are Beneteau,Jeanneau, Bavaria. Every year in coincidence with differents events, we start to know about new designs. Everybody knows what I mean, but anybody dive in deep about their qualities and faliures. And, don´t forget, these designs are the 90% of the total fleet. Let´s focus on them. Maybe is not a really pure discussion in this forum, they are not offshore boats ( but all of them are CAT A), but all of them have been in dificulties in coastal waters with rough sea....or maybe this is the post we need from now on.



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