LED Interior lighting info needed.

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Craig_Hastie, Jun 26, 2004.

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    Looking for recommendations as to which type and how many LED clusters may be required to illuminate the saloon on our 40ft cat. I am currently building the cabin top and need to know the cable runs for the lighting. The area is 4.2m x 3.2m, comprising of a sitting/dining area and galley. Ideally we would like dual white/red units if anyone can recommend a suitable unit they have found suitable.

    Many thanks
    Craig Hastie
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    West Marine has a catalog, a few pages of which have displayed, LED lighting for many different applications. LED's are so cool, quite easy to work with, in that custom units can be made up to fit just any style.
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  4. Steve K.

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    Interior LED Lighting | Boats & Yachts

    Hi Craig,

    One of the most useful pieces of information you have ommited is ceiling height! Also, if you have a lux light meter it would be quite easy for you to understand the exact Light Output Performance from our LUXEON LED Light Fittings, and consequentially how many light fititngs you might want to install.

    We can easily help you map-out a schematic of the led lights and circuitry you might require. But 1st please note:

    We have a full selection of Luxeon LED Light Fittings with 6,10,45,60 and 110+ degree lenses...the wider the view angle less intense the lighting is over a distance ( ceiling height is an important measurement).

    Mixing and matching LED LENSES/Light Fittings can give you v. interesting ambient and directional spot lighting on your boat.

    If you email me: steve@artechnolaser.it I can start by sending you some initial spec sheets., photos and other information on the LED Light Fittings and decorative lighting designs most suitable for your boat lighting project.

    Hope this helps for now.

    Best Regards

    (LED Display Lighting : web site coming soon)

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    Innovative Lighting

    Innovative Lighting, Inc.
    109 Progressive Ave
    Roland, Iowa 50236
    fax 515-388-5549


    We just got some samples from them including some cool LED nav lights.
  6. garryb

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    boat led lighting

    We have white/red units in standard 12v MR16 fitting. We also have multiple beam angles (20 degree, 40 degree & 60 degree). While LED cluster bulbs "generally" have a lower light output than a standard dichlroic halogen bulbs, ours consume typically under 1 watt of power, so you can use a couple more to produce the same lighting effect as a halogen and still save heaps of battery power. Plus they last up to 40 times longer.

    Anyway, have a look and see what you think :


    Give me a call (phone number on site), if you have any questions. :)
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    I just outfitted my car with LED's from Autolumination.com or Superlumination.com and they are very bright! I recommend you look for clusters. These all run on +12V and fit nicely into car light fictures. I think boats use the same geometry.

    You might make two runs, one for white and one for red (night vision). You can easily put them on dimmers too.
    Good luck.

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