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Discussion in 'Software' started by dishsail, Feb 23, 2003.

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    I am new to boat design and have been doing a lot of reading. I have a heavy background in CAD with AutoCAD and Pro/E. I would like to learn how to use different CAD software. I don't know if anyone has any suggestions about how I go about doing this. I learn best by reading and then hands on. I do not have any boat designs myself I am just learning the ropes.

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    My advice would be to download several of the demos to see what's right for you and start by reading & following along with the tutorials in the manual or on the web site for each. I really like the fact that the standard for marine design software is to have a demo available so people can try them out first hand.

    For example, for ProSurf there are these nice intros:

    For Rhino there are these
    (but unfortunately the training guides are only for registered users, not for those working with the demo, but the cadence ones are free and there are a number of others on the web also - for example the user tutorials lower down the page are free, and there are some nice ones like http://www.suurland.com/gallery_stills_newbeetle.htm which although not marine related are very nicely done - I'm not sure when Cliff will have a revised marine tutorial cd and I've not seen one of his tutorials or anyone who has used one, but people speak very highly of Cliff in general so I would expect good things.)

    For Autoship, the Users Manual is a good way to get started:
    (I think this is on the www.autoship.com web site somewhere as well, but I couldn't find it tonight).

    Also when you download the demos you get a number of example designs which you can work with a little to get a better feel for the programs
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