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Discussion in 'Stability' started by Laranjo123, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Laranjo123

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    Hello i wanted to learn damage stability. What book do i need to read. Or do you have a sample of damage stability so that i could study/refer the format btw is incline:confused: stability is connected to damage stability...Pls help thx in advance...I really want to learn that stuff.....
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    use sofware and findout every cof mean from damage stability rulers 。
  3. Laranjo123

    Laranjo123 Previous Member

    I know how to do damage stability on maxsurf but i want to learn the manual mode...For board exam purposes
  4. CmbtntDzgnr
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    You might want to look at these (by no means exhaustive or exactly on target):

    In naval terms:

    US Navy Course NAVEDTRA 14057 - Damage Control Manual


    PE exam


    Leaflet for damage stability calculation according to SOLAS 2009

    (see and others in that vicinity of the dft.gov doc.)

  5. CmbtntDzgnr
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  6. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect


    You have posted several threads like this seeking information.

    The problem is that you say you are into your 5th year of a NA deegree. Yet the questions you are constantly asking are taught during such a degree, and in depth too. Thus either your degree is not a NA degree or if it is, it is not worth the paper it is written on.

    If you wish to be a naval architect, may i suggest you choose another university that actually teaches all these "basic fundamentals" in their degree course. Otherwise you shall be constantly asking questions.

    In the mean tiem please read several books such as:

    Teach Yourself Naval Architecture, by Brian Baxter...very simple it has all the answers to all your questions. If you can't learn the basics from this book, you never shall.

    Introduction into Naval Architecture...by E.Tupper, as above but with more examples and explanations.

    Basic Ship Theory...by Rawson & Tupper. Does what the above books do but in more technical depth.

    Principals of Naval Architecture...by SNAME, ditto above.

    These books answer all your questions....questions which should be dealt with during your degree and discussed in lectures.
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  7. Laranjo123

    Laranjo123 Previous Member

    I have all those books sir. The problem is this is the only one! university that offers naval architecture here in this damn Philippines. we have 3 schools but this one is the most fine and well known sir. Sad to say i didn't choose to be a naval student. It was my uncle who drove me here said that bla bla bla this is the course of bla bla bla. So i took it. Most of our professors are really busy though. I am the only one student who's trying to teach my self on this. Because my prof said. Not all in university shall be taught. Some you'll get it from work. etc. Yes it's really hard to understand all of those books because what if i ask? then nobody would reply. "Oh that kid again asking question come on man." Yes i understand you people because you came from a prestigious university out there abroad mine It's only labeled Philippines!..And i hate it to be a foolish student sir thanks. I had enough.....
  8. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    What did you study in five years?
  9. Laranjo123

    Laranjo123 Previous Member

    For me it's not enough because most of our prof has their own field of expertise . Like the one is very knowldgle bout ship construction. the other is for stability. The other is a marine surveyor. We learned TNA, Shiplines,hydrostatic,cross curve,floodable length curve ( already forgot), incline stability,permissible length, load line calc, scantling, etc. i can't recall.
  10. Laranjo123

    Laranjo123 Previous Member

    Damn we didn't learn how to plot a SEC. curve n lwl. Till i reach this 5th year. I was the one who taught my classmates how to plot that curve thing.
  11. FMS
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    Is it a 5 year program total? How many calendar years of NAME study?

  12. Laranjo123

    Laranjo123 Previous Member

    yes it's a 5 year program BS.NAME. ...
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