learning about modular construction of tugboat

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    hello everyone...im a naval architecture student..i just found this site and i think this site great for student like me to learn more about ship because you all know not all about ship is teach by lecturer sometimes they dont have time because time to short to finish one subject for 3month...
    i wanna ask some help about the modular construction of tugboat and focus in main propulsion system...can anyone give some useful site or book that focus in modular construction that can help me to understand more about block construction of tug boat and how it can effect the time and cost use to build a ship...i hope someone can help me to learning more...:)
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    I do not believe you will find ANY books on modular or block construction of tugboats. Subject is too specialised.

    However, if you search the papers published by SNAME in the JOURNAL OF SHIP PRODUCTION (JSP) you will find some papers on;
    - advanced outfitting
    - modular construction
    - tug boat design for production
    - tug boat construction

    In some of these you will find information on the subject you need.

    I believe the JSP is the most likely source of the information which you need.

    Your university library should make the SNAME publications available to you.
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