Launching and recovering large heavy boats without a crane

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Annode, Sep 4, 2019.

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    Hard to tell properly from that piccie...
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    Hydrolift... that was the word i needed

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    That Hydrolift appears to be a graving dock with caissons that fold down to the sea bed to open it when the water level is the same inside and out.
    Have a look at this brochure for the Syncrolift - Solutions_Syncrolift.pdf

    This was originally developed in the late 50's by an American Company called Pearlson Engineering - they are still going strong, but they specifically mention on their website that they have nothing to do with Syncrolift now.
    Rather, theirs is now called the Pearlson Shiplift.
    Home - Pearlson Shiplift Corporation

    I guess that maybe they 'fell out' with the Syncrolift folk at some stage, as I remember the back cover of the Naval Architect magazine in the 80's almost always had an advert for Syncrolift Systems and Pearlson Engineering.
    Edit - Here they mention their history - they went their separate ways in 1990, and then in 2008 Pearlson got back into the Syncrolift field again.
    Our History - Pearlson Shiplift Corporation
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    Yes, essentially they did that at Huskisson with the Lady Denman- she's been moved again into a concreted dry doc and now inside a building... a "Land dock" similar to building canal estates so essentially the caisson is dirt. There's also "slave docks" which generally require a graving dock or other mechanism on small scale such as a travel lift- just a barge with the boat upon it...
    Docking of submarine on slave dock in Big Dock 4 October 1974 | The Dictionary of Sydney

    Both the tall ship James Craig was and the steam ship John Oxley currently being restored on slave dock Home - SHF - John Oxley
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