Launch of largest sailing yacht ever built

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Remmlinger, Sep 21, 2015.

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    Depends on the context.... billions is a lot!... with the need to feed and keep others healthy maybe deeply unattractive....
    If some of the dough(unlikely) ends up in my pocket I'll spend it as fairly earned just as well paying my bills or down the shops...
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    I have similar thoughts when i think about the trillions wasted on wars and defense forces. There seems to be a correlation between military budgets and poverty when you look at the biggest spenders and there populations. Even our dimwitted government spend a fortune on overseas deployments while they are telling us we won't have pensions and the gst needs to go up to offset government spending. We have a fleet of billion dollar fighters on order for what. We can only defend australia if america is backing us up anyway. I'll get off my soapbox now. Sorry for going off topic.
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    Military expenditure isn't always an extravagance, but overkill pretty well describes this yacht, it will never be "needed". Other than as an ego prop.
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    lets just hope after they go sailing and find out they cant fit in any marinas they fund some more and that usually means paying off locals to further trash their seasides
    Everyone is happy when you spread it around
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    reality or fake ???

    Me too... I heard, that they only rig one mast and do test sailing with it. Now I see they already installed the bunch of three ????

    Or is it photo-shopped ? As lots of things in the world of boats nowadays are photoshopped... :)
  6. Mr Efficiency
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    Is Battleship Grey the final coat ?
  7. Remmlinger
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    Could it be, that Starck was inspired by the high stern of dutch ships of the 17th century?

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    Love that aft platform, but the flag looks too small.
  10. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

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    I can't believe that three pages of a boat design forum are committed to pissing contests and hating the rich.
    I like the shape and it reminds me of an old sailing ship with a high stern castle.
    Here is a link to an article:
    Magna structures are the company which built the carbon masts; some comments please on the fact that they are FREE STANDING and the rotating base appears to be about only 7ft or a bit more in diameter.
    The electric propulsion motors are significantly more powerful than the diesels which implies that this is a hybrid, so there must also be large batteries on board.
    The Daily Mail is not known for technical articles so there may be others around with more tech details revealed.
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    Makes sense.

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    look - I'm not allowed to talk
    because I've been classified as insane anyway


    but but but
    come on - it's fugly

    anyway guys the comments are very good !!!
  14. Ilan Voyager
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    When the shape does not fit with the function...Ugly is not the good word, we have to invent a new word to describe that.
    What I hate is that it's totally enclosed; why to go sailing when you can't see the sea and feel the wind? That shows the mind of the designer and the owner; closed and locked.
    The shape of the hull is complicated without meaning or purpose. They will never use the sails as most of these ships. A new floating condo.

  15. peter radclyffe
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    hi upchurch

    magma structures is a carbon company
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