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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by dreamingbarrierreef, May 26, 2021.

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    The Wheelyboats or landingcraft designs are cool and proven. But I see some issues. They still stay in the monohull era, which is all about trying the damnedest to keep CG below water if possible. Multihulls don't have to, their CG can be well above water. Until they can't self-right anymore of course. Monohull also have to be longer and takes more draft. They're okay on the move, but don't like sitting still in water. (somewhat like comparing 2-wheels to 4-wheels) The ramp is practically part of the hull, and better be careful with using it. Landing crafts are heavy built. Building the hull probably not as simple as joining pontoons together. Should be simpler just building a pontoon and put a platform on top, plus a ramp or two.
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    Well presumably (hypothetically?) you only have a short way to go from your mothership to the beach. So the better efficiency and seakeeping of a multihull really is not worth the complications, increased height and hassle.

    I do like the idea of an amphibian limo tender that can go on a kind of island safari. So you can go glamping in the jungle.

    Something like that was also my idea with the velomoboat. You could set off from the mothership, drive onto the beach, go shopping and go back. Or explore an island and sleep in it as a micro camper. And since it's legally a bicycle I think you have the most freedom to roam.

    The sensible option is a dinghy and take an e-bike/MTB, rucksack and a tent.
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    dreamingbarrierreef dreamingbarreef

    Velomoboat sounds cool. Though I suspect you either might need a lot of muscles moving it, or a lot of juice for the electric motor. Battery weight and range might be of concern.

    It's likely short distance to reach shore, but it's probably short distance through some rough surfs. So sea keeping ability may still be good thing to have.

    I agree. That'd be the least hassle.
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