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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by gator51, Aug 24, 2008.

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    gator51 New Member

    I want to build a laser class sailboat,does any know where i can get plans

  2. mr curious
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    mr curious gunkholer supreme

  3. bistros

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    The Laser is a highly regulated one design class with authorized manufacturers. You can not build one from plans - it would not be accepted as a Laser. There are many alternatives to the Laser of similar size, performance and capability, but the Laser is not possible as a self build.

    If you wished, you could take off offsets from a Laser hull and build a Laser-like boat using the same rigging, but it would not be a Laser.
  4. pulsar
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    I have found model of laser on (in design database). It's only shape of hull.
  5. mat82
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    Patented ones??

    Hello do you know the US patent numbers of the Laser sailboats? I have found the 5163377, but i'm not sure, the model displayed on it has a long keel wich seems to be part of the hull... :?:


  6. PAR
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    I'm not sure what boat you're referring to, but the Laser is a centerboard dinghy and doesn't have a long keel, or a noticeable keel of any kind. It must be another boat.

  7. mat82
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    mat82 New Member

    You are right PAR, the 5163377 is from another sailboat designed by Bruce Kirby. I've found another, the 304922 in the attached image I think it might be.

    I've looked too other Lasers descriptions (Radial, 4.7, M, and Rooster) and photographs, do you know the differences between them and the standar?




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