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    I am looking for a used mainsail for my Chrysler 26. The sails I find at the used sail warehouses that would fit are from catamarans. The Chrysler 26 has a high aspect main with a short 8 foot boom. I feel the 5 full battons would work well on my boat but would the extra sail area in the roach make any difference in handling such as a heavier helm. I know I would have to put slugs on the luff. The price for a used sail is around $300.00 versus $700.00+ for a new sail. Any input would help.

    Don K.
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    The larger roach shouldn't make much difference, but the fact that it is a catamaran sail will. Cat sails are built for speed, which (nothing personal) the Chrysler 26 doesn't have in the same quantities. The sail shape just wouldn't work, resulting in a slower boat.
    It will still sail, but probably slower...
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    The sail is probably cut flatter with the deepest part more forward. If you are looking for a cruising sail it should work though. How about reef points?
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