lancer corniche express HELP!

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by lancer 28, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Anyone know anything about the lancer express cruiser 28?
    I bought one on a whim, it's a nice boat but I can't find much info on them.
    It is a high performance boat, looks like a cigarette boat it has twin 454's with sternpower outdrives.
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    Welcome to the forum. This site is a treasure trove of knowledgable and helpful people, who can answer many boating related questions.

    Some friendly advice:

    1. Ending your post title with "Help!" is often translated by the reader as, "I'm playing the victim here, I'm trying , by the printed equivalent of yelling, to get a lot of attention without doing much myself." It's not really fair to judge a post by the use of a single word and punctuation, but experience has shown that such posts are usually just that "I'm helpless" sort of thing, and not worth a response.

    2. The best way to show that you are not in the category above is to include what information only you know about your boat already: sail or power? material of construction, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.? type of engine? (most sailboats have an engine, either inboard or outboard), and, most importantly, a photo of your boat. This shows that you at least realize that others need the details only you have, and saves them from having to ask you these questions.

    Posting the basic details in a simple request will get the best response.

    Now, as to your request, Lancer 28 was a successful sailboat produced in the late 70's and early 80's by Lancer yachts. The distinguishing feature was a narrow beam for her size, less than 8'. This made the boat trailerable, and also gave her better than average performance under sail.

    Your title mentioned Corniche. There was a Corniche Lancer express cruiser made in the UK, they seemed to be a mid-priced production fiberglass cruiser, a UK equivalent to a Trojan, Pacemaker, or Chris Craft.

    Chris Craft also used the name Lancer, but their Lancers were, so far as I know, all inboard runabouts.

    I've seen the model name Lancer used by other boatmakers, in sizes up to 45' and larger.

    Look on the starboard quarter near where it meets the transom (right side near the back end), around where the deck meets the hull. There should be a number engraved in the material. That number will help identify the mfr.
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