Laminator/Boatbuilder Required U.K North

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by royalray, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. royalray
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    royalray Junior Member

    Required immediate start
    A team player for interesting builds of new range of innovative craft to be able to slot in to a forward thinking company

    All enquiries to
  2. simplyred
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    simplyred New Member

    Hi I have over 15years experience laminating and boatbuilding where about are you and whats the pay scale
  3. nukisen
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    nukisen Senior Member

  4. newt46
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    newt46 New Member

    I have nearly 12 years experience in composites and boat building, I would be happy to to hear more from you about your work.

    Ime new on this site but I think that you can see my cv some how! if not,

  5. mercedesdave49
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    mercedesdave49 Junior Member

    Just seen your post on the forum.I'am looking for boatbuilding work.I have work on a number of rebuilds including sharpies,fireballs and general repairs.I also work with a boatbuilder building GRP OK dinghies.My job is prep work,resin pusher and assist with craft fit out.Is this what you are looking for?If so and you would like to know more.PLease contact Guy Carrington Smith.07824817934
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